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Why Upwards Tuition

At Upwards Tuition, we support your child’s academic success by:

· Accurately assessing his/her needs through diagnostic testing and one to one consultation with both you and your child. The more we know, the more effective we can be as we are aware that every child is unique and learns in diverse ways and at different paces. Differentiation is vital to your child’s success.

· Using appropriate and engaging materials in an individualised learning plan to improve your child’s schoolwork and exam results.

· Based on OFSTED research providing weekly feedback not only creates an opportunity for you (parent or carer) to be involved at each stage of your child’s progress but guarantees better outcomes for the child.

· Celebrate your child’s achievements through awarding of certificates or tokens.

Our Mission Statement at UPwards Tuition

Upwards Tuition Mission statement

Our Vision at UPwards Tuition

Upwards Tuition vision statement



” Great ”

My son is been there just for months to do maths and english and in that time to now ,he has progress immensely in these area at school. I am so satisfied with his progress but can’t compliment Upwards Tuition enough. The staffing is great as well. they know what they are doing.



” Highly recommended because of their excellent teaching. ”

My daughter failed her AS exams last year decided to repeat the year with extra tutoring from UPwards Tuition. She passed with 2 A’s and 1 B. My other daughter also had 2A* 3A’s and 5 B’s. My little daughter who is in primary school is doing very well because of the extra tutoring from UPwards Tuition. The teaching is excellent and the teachers have time for 1-1 teaching. I would highly recommend UPwards Tuition to others.



I have found your input very caring, sensitive (due to my daughter’s condition) and supportive. Your ability to go the extra mile – even coming home to encourage her to learn is quite appreciated. In particular, I want to thank Philip for his understanding of my daughter’s situation and his many efforts to help



” Excellent tutoring ”

I am so happy with the progress my son has made in maths and English with the help of UPwards Tuition. I have seen a great improvement in my son’s grades at school in both maths and English. The teachers treat my son as an individual and tailor his support to his capability. I would recommend UPwards Tuition to others.

Mrs. Adams

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