At Upward Tuition, we offer our students high-quality support, which is aimed and demonstrates an appropriate balance between the development of subject skills, knowledge and understanding, in addition to preparation for the demands of the GCSE(9-1)and A Level. Our teachers strive for excellence and work hard to ensure we close as many gaps as possible in our students understanding of the subject.

Our Maths teachers at Upwards Tuition expose students to a range of pedagogical strategies. Our teaching strategies include, but are not limited to:

• The use of clear information and guidance throughout the lesson (structure). We have developed an understanding and awareness of the importance of focused, targeted, differentiated support that is needed to provide an opportunity for our students to access the curriculum at all levels.

• GCSE exemplars for our students to review and opportunities for students to practise exam-style questions.

• Group work to build confidence and a chance to reflect on their learning and improve their skills in solving multi-step Maths questions.

• Effective questioning to encourage collaboration, discussion, meaning-making and retention (improve our students’ working memory). We work in a way to captivate student interest and give Mathematics topics a vibrant everyday relevance.

• Purposeful feedback while students are working, to promote effective learning.


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