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UPwards Tuition provides coaching and teaching in English, Mathematics and 11+, and support in children’s learning across the primary school phase. We coach children for 11+ and develop their strategies in solving verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests. We provide a safe and calm environment for all our students. At the end of each session, parents can ask for feedback or make an appointment for a longer session to discuss their child’s progress.

We follow the National curriculum guidelines in literacy (handwriting, phonics, spelling, reading, grammar, comprehension and developing skills in knowing, appreciating and understanding the purpose of different genres.

Mathematics is taught according to the level of understanding of individual children. Children are taught using a variety of methods and Mathematical games and equipment. Previous SAT’s papers are used to improve understanding and confidence in tackling mathematical problems.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning
Children are taught and coached to develop a greater understanding and speed in tackling verbal and non-verbal reasoning. There has been research confirming that children who are given the opportunity in developing strategies in solving non-verbal reasoning problems show a marked increase in their test scores. However, it is recommended that children are introduced to non-verbal reasoning at the beginning of year 3.

More About the 11+

The 11+ is an Admission Test

• The 11+ is a test used by some schools to aid their selection process.

• This test is usually taken when your child is in year 6, at some point during the autumn term or early in the spring term.

• The schools use the results to decide who to accept. They may also use other things to help them make up their minds, such as a short interview or information about where the child lives.

• Depending on the school, the 11+ might test different subjects.


There are 4 main subjects that can be tested in the 11+:

• Maths

• English

• Verbal Reasoning (Which tests your child’s ability to solve word and number problems.)

• Non-Verbal Reasoning (Which tests your child’s ability to solve problems involving pictures and diagrams.)

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