At UPwards Tuition, we deliver the best support in English to all our students. Our English teachers promote a collaborative, discussion-driven culture, with a focus on exploratory learning. A repertoire of opportunities are created for your child to demonstrate increased knowledge and skills-base; comprehension, critical thinking and communication skills (reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar, speaking and listening), to cope with the demands of the GCSE (9-1) English Language and Literature specifications.

Our belief at UPwards Tuition is that English is fundamental to success in every other subject, and we aim to support students to acquire an invaluable life skill in effective written and spoken communication.

Group work is encouraged; students discuss topics and build vocabulary by encouraging speaking, reading, listening, writing and evaluating. We teach them how to present information and ideas; respond to spoken language and using spoken Standard English.

Our teachers support each student individually, helping them extend their learning and deepening their understanding. This prepares the students for the Spoken Language GCSE examinations.
Key Stage 4 Students study for English Language and English Literature.

Some of our teaching strategies at UPwards Tuition include:

• Teaching our students how to structure and respond to a question, linking it to chosen texts in English Literature.

• Consistently guiding and showing our students how they can use the Assessment objectives to enhance their writing. Additionally, we always guide our pupils into how to effectively practise and answer GCSE exam style questions during each single contact time. This also gives them an excellent revision skill, which results in smooth and effective progression and attainment in English.

• Effective questioning to encourage collaboration, discussion, meaning-making and retention (improve our students’ working memory).

• Purposeful feedback while students are working in order to promote effective learning.


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